Symantec® Endpoint Protection - Mac Instructions

Step 1 - Download and Install Software

Marshall University Office of Information Technology strongly recommends the use of antivirus software. At this time, Symantec® Endpoint Protection is currently the supported antivirus software provided by Marshall University.

Below is the link to download the software. Once downloaded, follow all onscreen instructions and then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Update Virus Definitions and Program files

1. Click on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Select LiveUpdate and then Open LiveUpdate.

3. LiveUpdate now displays providing a summary of updated definitions that are on your computer. LiveUpdate will access Symantec's website, check which Virus Definitions you already have, and download and install those you do not have. This automatic process requires no additional work or information.

4. Press Update Everything Now and follow the onscreen instructions.

5. After the updates are installed, click OK and then close Symantec Endpoint Protection.

6. If no updates are available, Symantec will inform you that your virus definitions are up to date and will close. Perform this process weekly to insure that your virus software has the most up-to-date Virus Definitions. In addition, you should perform a "Full-System Scan" about once a month.