Integrated MS2 Curriculum
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Course Course Abbr Credit Hours Course Director(s)
Principles of Disease (MDC750) PoD 11 Don Primerano, PhD
Beverly Delidow, PhD
Diseases & Therapeutics I (MDC751) DT1 6 Nancy Norton, MD
Diseases & Therapeutics II (MDC752) DT2 7 Richard Egleton, PhD
Diseases & Therapeutics III (MDC753) DT3 8 Nitin Puri,MD, PhD
Diseases & Therapeutics IV (MDC754) DT4 9 Nancy Norton, MD
Advanced Clinical Skills (MED755) ACS 6 Adrienne Mays, MD
Matt Curry, MD

Textbooks (PDF)
Subdomains for Professional Attributes: Acceptable and Unacceptable Behaviors